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If fingers fing, why dont writers write?

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26 April 1988
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You may now find me at leaveyourpretty
30 rock, 3rd rock from sun, a tale of terror, abba, acdc, aerosmith, alice in wonderland, almost famous, american beauty, annie lennox, arrested development, beauty & the beast, beetlejuice, benny and joon, bewitched, billy joel, bon jovi, brothers & sisters, bryan adams, carole king, catcf, catcher in the rye, chocolat, cien años de soledad, coldplay, crime & punishment, damages, danny elfman, daria, david sedaris, desperate housewives, dog day afternoon, down with love, ed wood, edward scissorhands, elo, eternal sunshine, failure to launch, farenheit 451, fargo, fastball, fiona apple, firefly, frankenstein, freaks & geeks, friends, fur, futurama, garden state, ghostbusters, gilmore girls, golden girls, goo goo dolls, gosford park, grease, harriet the spy, harry potter, harvey birdman, heart, horacio quiroga, i love lucy, i ♥huckabees, imogen heap, introvert power, iron man, john williams, jorge luis borges, jump little children, just shoot me, kate and leopold, kathy griffin, katy perry, kill bill vol. 2, law and order: svu, lenny kravitz, lions for lambs, madonna, mamma mia!, mazzy star, metamorphosis, minnie driver, monk, moulin rouge, mrs. dalloway, nick drake, oasis, ocean's 11, pulp fiction, pushing daisies, queen, quote books, raising arizona, regina spektor, reno911!, rilo kiley, robbie williams, rocky horror picture show, rosebud, rushmore, salman rushdie, scent of a woman, scrubs, serenity, simon & garfunkel, sin city, sisterhood of traveling pants, sleepy hollow, snow patrol, snow white, speed racer, star wars, superman returns, sweeny todd, swimming with sharks, that's so raven, the beatles, the breakfast club, the colbert report, the daily show, the dark knight, the departed, the ditty bops, the god delusion, the golden compass, the hours, the incredible hulk, the matrix, the muppet show, the nanny, the office, the prestige, the queen, the rolling stones, the royal tenenbaums, the santa clause, the truman show, the usual suspects, the who, train, tropic thunder, v for vendetta, waitress, wall-e, watchmen, weird science, when harry met sally, who framed roger rabbit

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